Play for Parkinson's Schedule

Play for Parkinson's
Men’s Lacrosse Series
Saturday, October 5th 2013

Gates Open at 9:00am

As a result of the government shutdown, the Department of Defense has suspended all intercollegiate athletic competitions at the Service Academies. Therefore, Air Force will unfortunately no longer be able to participate in Play for Parkinson’s this weekend. Below is the new schedule of games. We appreciate your patience and flexibility dealing with this last minute change and look forward to seeing you this weekend.


Game 1, Hummel Bowl: Richmond vs. Towson


Game 2, Hummel Bowl: Georgetown vs. Loyola
Game 3, Coxe Field: USA White vs. Towson


Game 4, Hummel Bowl: USA Blue vs. Loyola
Game 5, Coxe Field: Georgetown vs. Richmond


Game 6, Hummel Bowl: USA White vs. USA Blue

Play for Parkinson's
Women’s Lacrosse Series
Sunday, October 6th 2013

Gates Open at 8:00am


Game 1, Hummel Bowl: Georgetown vs. Towson


Game 2, Hummel Bowl: Duke vs. Towson
Game 3, Greenway Field: JMU vs. Georgetown


Game 4, Hummel Bowl: Maryland vs. Georgetown
Game 5, Greenway Field: Duke vs. Penn State


Game 6, Hummel Bowl: Maryland vs. JMU
Game 7, Greenway Field: Penn State vs. Towson


Game 8, Hummel Bowl: Maryland vs. Duke
Game 9, Greenway Field: JMU vs. Penn State

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